100% Disabled Veterans Have High Priority in Social Security Disability Claims

If you know anyone who has applied for Social Security Disability benefits, he or she will tell you it is a lengthy and slow process. If your application for disability benefits has been denied twice, then the approximate waiting time in order to have your case heard in front of a judge is approximately one year from your last appeal date. This is a long time for someone who is disabled and unable to work and therefore unable to earn any income.

Recently, the Social Security Administration (SSA) enacted a new initiative that allows Veterans who are 100% permanently and totally disabled to receive expedited service in the processing and handling of their Social Security Disability application.

The process is simple. No matter what stage your application is in, you must notify Social Security as soon as possible that you are 100% permanently and totally disabled by the Veterans Administration (VA). If you have already filed, simply call your local office and update them. If you are applying online, you should enter “Veteran rated 100% P&T” within the contents of the application and in the remarks section. In order for Social Security to verify you are 100% permanently and totally disabled by the VA, you must provide Social Security with a copy of your VA notification or decision letter.

Your application for benefits, whether it is in the initial phase, appeal period, or at the hearing level, will be labeled high priority and processed expeditiously.

Keep in mind, there are other factors that Social Security must consider as well. For instance, the nature of your disability, obtaining medical records and reports from your physicians and treating providers, and whether Social Security needs to send you to a medical examination to obtain additional medical evidence. Make sure you provide Social Security with the names and addresses of all your treating doctors. Better yet, have your medical records available to give to Social Security. This may save some time so Social Security isn’t wasting their efforts by requesting your records and waiting for them to arrive before sending them up to their medical panel for review.

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